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welcome to your new salon home...

I can't wait to meet you! What are you waiting for? let's get you in for a visit!

(learn how below)

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Step Two

Look over my new guest booking options and select the service that best fits what you're looking for! 


Step One

Get to know me through my About Me page. I want you to get to feel of who I am and where my skills lie.

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Step Three

Arrive at the salon feeling relaxed and confident you made a great choice! and walk away feeling like your best self.


I can’t wait to meet you!

If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me,

please see my FAQ.

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What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

Once you have booked your appointment, You will receive New Guest welcome email that includes a new guest packet. this digital package will Provide most everything you will need to know to prepare for your first appointment with Kendra Gassner hair & Makeup Artistry. If you have any questions at all along the way - please email me!

The Consultation

During the Consultation, I will ask questions to get a good sense about what you like/don't like about your current routines. The goal is to create a look just for you that Looks great and will fit into your busy lifestyle! 

After Goodbye

You can expect an email or a text message from me about 48 hours after your appointment to check in and see how everything is working out! I want To be sure you have what you need to feel good about your time with me! 

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