Promising Excellence in Everything I Do

Kendra Gassner

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page!

I’m Kendra Gassner, a wife/mom of 3/Hair and Makeup Artist. People say I have a calm presence – and I am honest. I try to always KEEP IT REAL. I am most passionate about being kind, caring for my family, helping people look and feel their best, and being active in my community. Most days you will find me playing hair and makeup or hanging out with my crew living the dream! When I’m not busy at home or work, I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and audiobooks. 

As a hair and makeup artist I’ve had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the beauty industry’s finest people, I have had the pleasure of traveling to some of the counties hottest spots for fashion, and I have been a part of amazing projects that have taught me so many tips and tricks to share about my craft. I enjoy creating with people and my clients inspire me EVERY – SINGLE – DAY.

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